20 June 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy father's day to all fathers (be what ever you are being called)... especially to my beloved hubby... we all love you!

26 May 2010

first posting in 2010


Wow, it's been more than a year since I stop writing!!

Life has been very busy now.. new job, new role, new team.. yeah, I finally made a move from MAS after 12 years and 9 months of employment... Memories?? Too many good memories and many many good friends too...

New place.. a hospital, in the midst of busy KL city, Jalan Kia Peng to be exact. Futuristic design and full of lovely lovely people to work with. The only set back? The professional "******" who like to bring people spirit and motivation down! I wish I have a magic wand that I could just make them dissapear .... wouldn't that be nice??

This eating outlet is located in-house at my new office site...

This was the buffet spead that we had for Secretaries Day!

My new team - Aruna, Fiza, Me n Kak Wi

Our lobby.. can you see the entrance? We do have concierge to assist if you're lost for direction.

Will try to come back soon with some update. Till then.. Bye!

24 August 2009

19th Aug 2009 - the best birthday present ever!

I turned 35 years old on 10th Aug 2009... yep... not old, just a nice number to grow mature with experience... heh heh...

So I was doing my ISO audit when a call came and said, you are required at the reception counter now... and this was sent "technically" from Kuwait with love... Thks my hubby for the wonderful surprise... 24 red roses!!

And if u noticed the small box wrapped together with the ribbon... err what's inside was this:

Wow, so far so good.... and then on 19th Aug 2009 - the most awaited day for me, after 2 years of hardwork... it's graduation time!! Alhamdulilah, my masters is now officially over...

I have dedicated my special thanks to everyone... please read in my facebook, for those who's connected to me... but for the record... I would like to thank Hubby & my kids for their unconditional love and support, family and friends for their understanding + love + support. And errr if I were to do my PhD, will you all stay with me??

13 June 2009

Cuti-cuti Malaysia... err KL actually..

It's school holiday time again... 1st week - I can't take leave. 2nd week, oh yes, me on leave definitely. So this posting is definitely about the cuti-cuti activities with my power puff girls

1. Hubby's cousin got married on 6th Jun, congratulations Erwan & welcome to the family Khaty!

2. The new look at our Nilai Spring Club... a new splashy Water Park

with the newly completed Resort Hotel (of course offering special discounts for the club members)

And the swimming done by my cute-fussy-bossy-always nak jalan2 girls...

3. The trip to Muzium Negara @ National Museum... the last time I went there was in my teens age... it has really really changed, and I am proud to be Malaysian! And I am glad that Adilah picked this place, out of her curiosity about history... she is growing up alright!

There are more pictures, but too slow to load up here... so if you are my FB friends, do check my FB later, for more updates (that is when I am done with all my activities and THEN only I shall post my holiday album there.... i.e making an excuse if I update very-very much LATER hehehehe...)

And of course, during every moment I spent together with my girls...... we kept on saying... "Nanti Ayah balik kita ajak Ayah datang sini/ buat ni/ makan ni/ etc"... we miss you Ayah!!

22 May 2009

Little Bunny had Dengue!!

This is a very very outdated news... but to keep those who "miss the boat", here is the short story of my little bunny, Adriana and her dengue...5th-9th May 2009.... Hospital Serdang, Selangor...

Drip was off on the last day, 9th May 2009. She was sooooo happy to be able to walk... WHY? Look at her photos below:

Both hands wrapped in that needles n wyres... of course Mickey will always be on her side!

Some of the gifts from caring family who paid her a visit... Thanks Pak Ngah for the Pooh & chocolates & biscuits..

her fever on 5th & 6th May was between 40-45 celcius... how laaa not to panic? Ibu also cried and not sleeping for 48 hours.... and thank Allah for the pink towel + warm water, it works!

This is on 5th May in the ER of Hospital Serdang.... she is such an expert when it comes to needle n wyres... what was I thinking at that point of time??? .... "how am I going to survive like this?".....

Anyway, thanks to all who came to visit us, prayed for us, and to Ayah.... thanks for coming back, even though we did not get the chance to really spend quality family time, but your presence makes a BIG BIG different... we LOVE you...

14 April 2009

My 3D/2N Vacation at An-Nur Specialist...

Adriana was still vomitting, even after her drip on 10th Apr 2009. So I guess, the right thing for her now is (as what most other parents will do also)..... to be enjoying a short vacation at a hospital!!

This is my Little Bunny, after the registration... straight to Lily 5 room and the 1st drip started... she looks so tired n expressionless!

The 2nd drip.... she was too tired after vomitting so much that morning of 11th Apr 2009. How I wish I could replace her... but I know I can't and hence I have to let my Little Bunny manage this experience herself.

At her 3rd drip.... my happy & more energetic Little Bunny with her sister Adlina and beloved cousins (a.k.a love birds) Irfan & Amirah. I am so glad when we finally arrived home today... thank you Allah for taking care of her...
ps: the diagnose is AGE & Dehydration...

10 April 2009

The drip session... a quick solution to dehydration

This was how I spent my long day today...
As Adriana continued to vomit and throw out whatever she took since she woke up at 7 am, so I've decided to "make" myself brave, and drive her to An-Nur...
My oh my, the hospital was so packed, even the ER has a queue! So cut story short, after all the waiting and talking and explaining, the doctor decided to put her on drip...
Now since the ER was also packed, the best option that I have is to hold her, for the nurse to start the drip.......dripping dripping dripping.... and 20 minutes later, a bed was made vacant for her....... fuhh... what a blessing... as I am not feeling my two arms already! Yet Adriana is only 11 kg... imagine if it we to be "bubbly" Adlina??
This photo was taken, when she dozed off on bed in ER. Once the drip was done, we headed home... as she said.... " I want to rest at home... I don't like to see too many people"... hmmm my poor little bunny!
Please be safe my little one... you are a brave "HEATBLAST".... Ben 10 must be very proud of you!
ps: she dis not cry when the doctor was poking her hand to insert the needle... I was the one restraining myself from crying... and wishing in my heart that I wish I could replace her... she looks so fragile at that moment and yet when I asked her "Adik ni Four Arms ke Heatblast?" she replied "mestilah Heatblast"....... hehehe kids..

Sleepless in BSP Kajang

Sleepless in Kajang is not able to sleep tonite....

Of course every nite is a long nite, as Sleepless in Kajang is thinking of dear hubby in the land far far away...

But tonite, Sleepless in Kajang is worried that if she sleeps, her Little Bunny may choke/throw up and she is not there to help...... Wouldn't it be good, if her favourite Ben-10 is here to the rescue?? My Little Bunny, please be safe!

What do you think Sleepless in Kajang should do?

(ps: this picture was taken in May 2008, at Che Jie's place)

The story of Pak Teh

Pak Teh was borned 5 years later than me, and he's the only son my mom ever had...

I used to feed him when he was small, give him a bath when he was smelly, pick up his laundry, clean his room, bring him to clinic, send him to grandpa's house etc etc..

When he was studying, I help to support him, out of my responsibility as a big sister... and when started work, I still help him, as he is starting his life.

And yet....now, I don't really know him anymore... he is so so so far away, eventhough he is just around the corner.... we talk and yet we don't really talk, we meet but we don't really meet...

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I think I have lost that connection I once have with Pak Teh. So Pak Teh, if you happens to read this, all I want to say is......

We all still love you the way you are... and please "come" back to reality...